Bavico Resort & Spa Tam Giang, Hue

3-star Tam Giang Resort & Spa Hue is located 0.9 miles from Chua Ong Pagoda & offers medical service, laundry facilities & room service. This Hue khách sạn features a sauna, a hairdresser và a wellness area for guests" convenience.

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The this khách sạn is merely a 5-minute stroll of Hue"s Garden Houses. Park February 3 is within a 10-minute drive from this accommodation.

Phu Bai International airport is within about a 22-minute drive away.


Bedrooms come with king size beds và double beds.

Eat và Drink

Tam Giang Resort và Spa offers on-site breakfast in the bar.

Leisure và Business

The modern property features a swimming pool for guests" relaxation. This hotel features sports activities such as sailing, lawn tennis and badminton for all guests.

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You can always visit one of the highly rated landmarks, the 19th - century dẻo Noi Imperial Palace Complex, placed 2 miles away from the 3-star Tam Giang Resort và Spa. Other sights that are worth your while are Nine Tripod Cauldrons (2.1 miles) as well as gàn Phung (2.2 miles).
Phu Bai International airport is located within a 22-minute drive (13 miles) from the Tam Giang Resort & Spa.
Yes, the 3-star Tam Giang Resort và Spa Hue provides wheelchair access & rooms with facilities for disabled khổng lồ improve the experience for the guests with special needs.
Yes, for guests with children the 3-star Tam Giang Resort & Spa offers a kids" club và a play area.
You can benefit from a summer terrace and a swimming pool provided at the 3-star Tam Giang Resort & Spa.

Tip: Consider options with miễn phí cancellation to stay flexible in light of the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19.
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