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The Pearl Isl& of Phu Quoc is the most talked about, rapidly rising tourist destination in Vietphái nam. People visit khổng lồ relax amongst the natural beauty of the isl&, visit interesting attractions, & revel in the increasingly wide array of top-notch resorts, restaurants & bars. For many, great cocktails are integral to lớn that island vacation experience. And what better way lớn enjoy the best cocktails in Phu Quoc than with a gorgeous sunmix as backdrop? With that in mind, kiểm tra out our top tips for the best cocktail & sunset bars on Phu Quoc island….

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Le Jardin
La Verandomain authority Resort Phu Quoc - MGallery by Sofitel

Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong Beach, Phu QuocLaverandaresorts.comHours: 10:30am - 11:00pm

Take a seat on the beach deck or lawn of Le Jardin at La Verandomain authority Resort Phu Quoc và enjoy a front row seat for nature’s best show: sunphối time in Phu Quoc. You can try their authentic Italian style pizzas or other dishes on their fresh và light menu, but of course, you need a drink for the occasion. As you peruse the Le Bar thực đơn, you will find an expansive sầu menu of classic cocktails, an extensive sầu wine danh sách, expertly-mixed signature cocktails, and even homemade rums.

A highlight of the cocktail thực đơn, the White Sangria is light and refreshing with a kiông chồng from the mango-infused vodka. This combination of Trắng wine và tropical fruit is a perfect choice khổng lồ cool down and relax after a long day.

Image source: Le Jardin

Fusion Beach Bar
Fusion Resort Phu Quoc

Hamlet 4, Vung Bau Beach, Phu QuocFusionresortphuquoc.comHours: 11am-7pm (the bar stops serving at 7pm, after which guests can remain to lớn enjoy the beach)

If visitors are looking for the ultimate in relaxation to lớn experience a stunning sunmix in Phu Quoc, Fusion Beach Bar should be at the top of the menu. Plush sofas và chairs under shady palm frond umbrellas dot the sand. Guests might alternatively choose khổng lồ bask in the fading sunlight in large lounge pods on the grass khổng lồ watch that golden orb sink inkhổng lồ the horizon. Or, visitors can simply grab a towel & sit directly on the white sandy beach. In any situation, guests and visitors of Fusion Resort Phu Quoc can rest assured that every need will be taken care of. A tantalizing các mục of expertly-mixed cocktails, wines, & fresh juices with live acoustic music round out the delightful ambience.

Fusion Resort Phu Quoc prides themselves on their customer service. They try to never say no khổng lồ a guest request, and that includes mixology. Simply ask the skilled bartenders khổng lồ phối a chất lượng concoction with your favourite spirits or flavours và watch the magic happen! They only use the freshest & highest-chất lượng ingredients, so it’s going to be one delicious, one-of-a-kind cocktail.

Image source: Fusion Resort Phu Quoc

Shri Phu Quoc

Tran Hung Dao Street, Ba Keo Beach, Duong To, Phu 8am - 11pm

Shri Phu Quoc is a beautiful beach club, bar và restaurant with a perfect oceanside setting on the tranquil Ba Keo beach. Shri is ideally equipped for guests who want lớn relax on the beach anytime from morning till night, while soaking up its breezy, laid bachồng ambience. As evening approaches, Shri’s DJs will select just the right background beats lớn set you up for an exquisite, direct sunset view from your table or sun lounger. Anyone who is familiar with Shri’s sky high Saigon location, will know that they are experts at fusing just the right combination of food, drink, & music for the ultimate in pleasurable experiences.

To keep you refreshed as you survey the orange and pink hues of the sun sinking into the ocean, Shri Phu Quoc offers a range of delightful craft cocktails that really hit a sweet spot on your palate. In particular, don’t miss their special ice cream ‘Kem’ cocktails, which are cooling, refreshing và downright delicious. In addition lớn an extensive wine & beer selection, the restaurant’s Asian và Mediterranean-inspired menu provides top quality cuisine, including wonderful fresh seafood caught daily. All in all, a wonderful combination for you to enjoy all that a Phu Quoc sunset has to lớn offer.

Image source: Shri Phu Quoc

CView Sky Bar
Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc

Duong To, Phu Quocbwpremier-sonaseaphuquoc.comHours: 5pm - midnight

CView Sky Bar is perched on the rooftop màn chơi of Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc, one of the island’s newest and most impressive luxury resorts. There are gorgeous views from all positions, whether gazing out of the gloriously tall glass windows of CView Sky Bar’s elegant interior, or admiring the views from the airy outdoor terrace.

At first, you will enjoy surveying the resort’s scenic, winding lagoon pool và classy poolside villas. Raise your eyeline further and relish the sight of a delightful stretch of beach on Phu Quoc’s western coast & a wide angle panorama of the peaceful Gulf of Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan ocean. The beauty on display is at its finest as pastel hues appear while the sun sinks towards the horizon - a photographic moment not khổng lồ be missed.

To consummate CView Sky Bar’s special sunmix experience, choose a refreshing cocktail from a tempting menu of signature and classic combinations, including romantic cocktails for two to tóm tắt. A wide range of other beverages is also available to wash down a succulent selection of Asian-Western fusion cuisine - all at surprisingly reasonable prices for the quality on offer. An unforgettable Phu Quoc sunset awaits you at CView Sky Bar.

Image source: CView Sky Bar

Rock Islvà Club
Nam Nghi Phu Quoc

Duong Bao, Phu 2pm - 9pm (Children under 18 are not allowed after 7pm)

Roông xã Islvà Club is a truly unique spot on its own private, cosy beach isl& with a fully equipped bar/clubhouse & dechồng that offers an outstanding and exclusive location lớn view a Phu Quoc sunmix, situated off the lush greenery of the north-west coast.

Savour a high chất lượng cocktail or mocktail freshly made by an expert bartender & enjoy Asian seafood offerings if you’re feeling a little peckish. As the sun sets, you can take in magnificent 360-degree ocean & isl& views from the private beach or the comfort of the bar’s terrace. The resident DJ will supply the tunes lớn complete this highly photogenic experience.

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Roông chồng Island Club is không tính tiền to lớn enjoy for guests staying at Nam Nghi Phu Quoc resort. Non-guests will pay VND300,000 for a ticket, which includes the short round trip boat ride from outside the resort’s Tree House restaurant và one food or drink thành tựu after arriving at Roông chồng Islvà Club.

Image source: Roông chồng Island Club

Sailing Club Phu Quoc

Lo B7, Khu phuc hop, Bai Truong, Phu Quocwww.sailingclubphuquoc.comHours: 10am - midnight

Sailing Club Phu Quoc is an expansive sầu all-day beach club that provides more than a hint of luxury in everything that it does. The classy kiến thiết of the venue spreads widely along its beautiful beachfront, featuring a full service bar and restaurant, relaxing infinity swimming pool with swim-up pool bar và sun loungers, & a DJ booth with dance floor for nighttime buổi tiệc nhỏ vibes post-sunset.

The extensive restaurant thực đơn at Sailing Club includes a variety of high unique, mouthwatering cuisine with generous portions and influences from across Asia and Europe. Professional mixologists take pride & care in creating a wide variety of high unique craft cocktails, with their signature selections including Afternoon Tea and Mustard G&T offerings.

When the time for sundown arrives, Sailing Club’s resident DJs will put you at ease with atmospheric music as you sit baông chồng & relax with your cocktail of choice, surveying the idyllic sunphối views on the west coast of Phu Quoc.

Image source: Sailing Club Phu Quoc

INK 360
Intercontinental Phu Quoc Long Beach

Bai Truong, Duong To, Phu 5pm - 1am

Atop one of the island’s finest luxury resorts, the Intercontinental Phu Quoc Long Beach, INK 360 is Phu Quoc’s highest standing rooftop bar. As to lớn be expected, this lofty vantage point provides stellar panoramic views of Vietnam’s Pearl Island’s western coastline and the pristine waters of the Gulf of Vương Quốc Nụ Cười.

The bar’s quality giant octopus-themed decor is full of silver and copper tones, with metallic tentacles round every corner. As you walk onto the expansive terrace, the bar’s main stage, you will be perfectly placed for outstanding sunmix views và the ultimate in selfie opportunities.

To accompany the Phu Quoc island views, be sure to order one of the stunning craft cocktails made by highly skilled mixologists. You can always let the bartender know your beverage likes & dislikes to lớn receive sầu a delicious & personalised concoction.

Completing the experience, a funky DJ is on h& from sunmix khổng lồ provide atmospheric beats, turning inlớn more uptempo dance rhythms as the night progresses. INK 360 is a fantastic spot for sunset chilling & nighttime partying with top views of Phu Quoc và delectable cocktails at your fingertips.

Image source: INK 360

Mango Bay Resort Phu Quoc

Ong Lang Beach, Phu QuocMangobayphuquoc.comHours: On the Rocks - 6:30am to lớn 10:30pm; Beach Restaurant - 10:30am khổng lồ late

Mango Bay Resort Phu Quoc has two comfortable oceanfront restaurants and both are wonderful places to lớn enjoy the sunphối on Ong Lang Beach. At the On the Rocks venue, take in the sunset from the vantage point of the picturesque rocky promontory. Over at Beach Restaurant, guests can also enjoy nightly live sầu music as accompaniment to the gorgeous sunphối. With over 40 cocktails và a carefully curated wine danh mục provided by The Warehouse Saigon, available in both restaurants, you are sure to find the perfect drink to wet the palate.

The perfect balance of sweet and tangy, Mango Bay’s signature whiskey cocktail is absolutely delectable! Be sure khổng lồ sip slowly, though, because it packs a decent punch!

Image source: Mango Bay Resort Phu Quoc

Seashells Phu Quoc Hotel và Spa

1 Vo Thi Sau, Duong Dong, Phu QuocSeashellskhách sạn.vnHours: Coral Restaurant - 12:00pm khổng lồ 10:00pm; Cocoon Beach Lounge - 5:00pm - 11:00pm; Seashells Lobby Lounge - 7:00am - 11:00pm

At Seashells Phu Quoc Hotel và Spage authority, one can enjoy sunsets in Phu Quoc from many places, all with spectacular vantage points. One option is the air-conditioned comfort of the Coral Restaurant dining room with floor lớn ceiling glass walls. Or, take in the gentle sea breeze at Cocoon Beach Lounge on the patio fronting the pool and beach. (For VND350,000, outside guests can also enjoy the pools during their visit.) And, to lớn maximize the experience & value, the resort also offers happy hour from 5:00pm khổng lồ 6:00pm in the Seashells Lobby Lounge, which includes 1/2 off drinks. Whatever venue guests choose, they can be assured that the drinks will be delicious và the Phu Quoc sunphối views will be delightful.

Image source: Seashells Phu Quoc Hotel & Spa

Phu Quoc: an Incredible Islvà Destination for Cocktail Bars with Stunning Sunsets

If you spkết thúc any amount of time on the islvà và don’t catch a sunmix in Phu Quoc, you have sầu committed a grave sầu crime. To watch the sky turn a million shades of red, orange, and pink & look on as the glowing ball of fire slips inlớn the ocean is breathtaking. If you và your loved one want lớn be romanced by the beauty of nature while caressing your palates with tasty combinations of spirits, rest assured you can find the best of both in Phu Quoc. Be sure to kiểm tra out the venues on this list of The Best Sunphối Bars & Cocktails in Phu Quoc, and feel free to nội dung your experiences with us on City Pass Guide’s Facebook page.