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Silicon Straits is an innovation tribe in Southeast Asia that builds products, companies và communities and make seed investments. We are a better platform for designers, engineers và entrepreneurs lớn get together, be inspired, make things and start companies. With offices in Singapore, Ho chi Minh City and Yangon, our team of over 50 people operate at the intersection of ideas, talent and capital, & invest in the convergence of design, hardware and software.We build products và companies that we care about, in addition lớn providing design & product development services to lớn individuals, startups & companies.• Love Silicon Straits Saigon and want lớn know more about our company culture, working environment or job vacancies? Find out more at



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• Find out yourself about our team và working environement at our blog, our facebook page and our Youtube channel.• Be part of the team that are building awesome products.• A totally different way to work.• Get a Macbook.• Remote working & unlimited leave days.• Competitive salary. • Take part in our exciting events (Hackathon, Drinkathon, …). • Insurances, compensation package, .. We"ll get you covered.
Môi trường tốt, đồng nghiệp thân thiện
Văn phòng đẹp, hầu như người thân thiện cởi mở, cùng trợ giúp nhau.Hài lòng vì gần như không tồn tại yêu ước OT, toàn bộ đều trên tinh thần tự nguyện.