Nem nướng tiếng anh là gì


When I feel like torturing the neighbors, I take out the grill và cook up Nem Nướng, Vietnamese grilled pork sausage. I waft the aroma of this tasty Vietnamese sausage inlớn their yard. That is what you get for taking my parking!

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To get the right flavor in Nem Nuong, I use a bit of Tusino Nem Nuong curing powder.Not only does the curing powder provide the signature pink color (from the added dye and sodium nitrite) but it also provides that chất lượng cured flavor.

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I had many times tried to make Nem Nuong without the use of Tusino Nem Nuong curing powder.The reason I avoided it for the longest time was because of the preservatives,sodium nitrate & sodium nitrite. Both additives had been under fire on whether they cause cancer in humans.However, after doing some retìm kiếm,I wouldn”t worry too much about its use. One, it”s been approved by the FDA và its use in cured meats is very minimal. Two, these additives are also found in hot dogs, sandwich meat, bacon, và naturally in many vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, & celery. So unless you are avoiding all these foods, I wouldn”t worry.

According to the package instructions, you can use the curing powder as the only seasoning in the meat to get the Nem Nuong flavor. You can also add minced garlic, if preferred. However, I”m not one to use only one ingredient for a marinade, especially one that is a possible human carcinogene in high concentration (can”t be too safe!). So for my Nem Nuong recipe,I lượt thích to lớn use a bit of the curing powder (much less than the package instructions)in addition khổng lồ fish sauce, sugar and garlic.

Nem Nướngis served in a variety of ways. For the lazies, you can have them with steamed Trắng rice và a side of fresh or pickled vegetables. At the restaurants, you can have sầu Nem Nướng wrapped in rice paper (Nem Nướng Cuốn)with a side of the signature orange Nem Nướngdipping sauce. You can also have Nem Nướngwith rice noodles (Bún Nem Nướng).

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In a Vietnamese deli, you can have sầu it in a sandwich (Bánh Mì Nem Nướng). However you have sầu it, it”s a classic dish that will surely give sầu you a quality taste of Vietnam. It”s not the healthiest of meats, but it sure is damn delicoius.

In my recipe below, I’m baking my Nem Nuong as a large sheet. I find this to be much easier than rolling them into balls or wrapping them on skewers. Once my Nem Nuong is done, I slice it up into lớn long strips lớn either eat on its own or as a component to any of the delicious dishes mentioned above sầu.