Whether he"s getting his head stuck inside a turkey, redecorating his flat by using fireworks or leading an orchestra at the London Olympics, Mr. Bean"s brand of comedy has people around the world in stitches for years.

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Well, it seems that someone in Vietnam is so obsessed with Rowan Atkinson"s comic creation that they decided khổng lồ dedicate a full bar lớn the bumbling character.

Russell Eslamifar, a tourist from London, was on holiday in the Southeast Asian country và exploring the Old Town district of the đô thị of Hội An when he discovered the Mr Bean Bar.

Credit: Russell Eslamifar
From the outside, the bar looks like a typical tourist boozer with house music banging from the speakers & lights flashing fast enough to give you an epileptic fit.

Inside, though, the bar is obsessed with all things Bean, with the character"s gormless mug gurning down at you from every wall.

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Not only is the bar decorated with murals and press shots of Bean & Atkinson, it also shows Mr Bean episodes on TV and sells Mr and Mrs. Bean themed cocktails.

Like any place looking lớn make cash from gullible tourists, the bar even lets punters leave with a memory of their visit, selling novelty t-shirts reading "It"s bean a good night!" Creative genius...

Credit: Russell Eslamifar
"The only funny thing was how excited I was!" Russell told when asked about the bar. "There weren"t many locals in there but mainly tourists go."

"They obviously know it"s a good tourist pull," he added. "Mr Bean is universal, isn"t it? He doesn"t speak so everyone loves Bean."

Russell clearly loved the boozer, although he admitted the themed cocktail wasn"t that great, despite it setting him back 200,000 Vietnamese dong (£6.44, $8.82). Gutted.

" pretty shit, tbh," Russell said, lượt thích any LAD who is full of regret when checking his bank balance the day after the night before. "I ordered it purely because it was a Mr. Bean special."

Credit: Russell Eslamifar
While Russell left the Mr Bean Bar with a lighter wallet but full of... Well... Beans, other punters seem to lớn have been less impressed, with the bar getting a bit of a mixed reviews online.

Over one hundred people have reviewed the bar on Trip Advisor, with most of the đánh giá veering wildly between a fantastic 5 stars và a totally tragic 1.

The reviews for Mr Bean Bar are decidedly mixed. Credit: Trip Advisor
We"ll let you decide if you want to get yourself over lớn Vietnam và visit Mr Bean Bar before it"s bean-and-gone... I"ll get my coat.

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