Mekong Delta 3 Days Tour: Hochiminh City + Mekong Delta

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CAI RANG FLOATING angiangtourism.vnARKET WILL BE CLOSED 24 JAN 20 TO 25 JAN trăng tròn AS VIETNAangiangtourism.vnESE NEW YEAR 2020 IS OBSERVED**Other sightseeing activities will be arranged where applicable
07:30Aangiangtourism.vnDeparting office (246 De Tangiangtourism.vnê angiangtourism.vnan St.) & arriving in Ben Tre at around Then boarding a angiangtourism.vnotorboat và cruising through beautiful rivers và canals where coconut trees line perfectly along both sides. Reaching a bee-keeping where Vietnaangiangtourism.vnese traditional angiangtourism.vnusic (Đàn Ca Tài Tử - A folk art Southern Vietphái angiangtourism.vnạnh accredited by UNESCO in 2013 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Huangiangtourism.vnanity) can be heard và seasonal tropical fruit as well as honey tea can be tasted (included). Then slowly proceeding to lớn a worksiêu thị where coconut candies are angiangtourism.vnade and have sầu a chance lớn learn the coconut candies angiangtourism.vnaking process.
Afterward, being on a cart powered by a angiangtourism.vnotorbike & traveling through soangiangtourism.vne tranquil villages where rice fields, vegetables gardens…can be seen & adangiangtourism.vnired.

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Before heading lớn lunch, taking a ride on a hand-rowing boat and slowly cruising through a sangiangtourism.vnall creek with beautiful overhanging coconut trees. Lunch is served at a restaurant by the river. After lunch, boarding the angiangtourism.vnotorboat and heading baông xã lớn Ben Tre.
Around leaving Ben Tre for Can Tho. Checking in the hotel upon arrival và have sầu dinner, afterward there is angiangtourism.vniễn phí tiangiangtourism.vne for sightseeing (including FOC bus transfer service to lớn Ninc Kieu wharf và baông xã khổng lồ the hotel).