The 3-star Grand View Sapa khách sạn places guests nearly 15 minutes by foot from cát Cat Resort. The hotel offers 24-hour front desk assistance & concierge service, & useful amenities like a luggage room và a restaurant.

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Located just off Sapa Cathedral, the accommodation also provides easy access to Aira Spa. You"ll find cà phê in the Clouds approximately 5 minutes" walk from this Sa pa hotel. Mê man Rong Mountain Sapa- lies 1.2 km away from the property.

The hotel offers on-site breakfast in the restaurant. The property is 50 metres to the restaurant Rose Garden. Grand View Sapa khách sạn is a 5-minute stroll from Sapa Express bus station.




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Popular attractions nearby include ham mê Rong Mountain Sapa- within a 15-minute walk from Grand View Sapa Hotel.
Yes, restaurants near Grand View Sapa khách sạn include Rose Garden and Zach"s House restaurants, located just about 5 minutes" walk away.

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No, Grand View Sapa khách sạn doesn"t offer airport transfer service. Please tương tác the hotel to learn more about additional services.
Unfortunately, there is no lift at Grand View Sapa Hotel. Please liên hệ the khách sạn representatives for more details.
No, Grand View Sapa khách sạn does not provide baggage storage. Please tương tác the khách sạn representatives to lớn learn more about additional services.
No, Grand View Sapa doesn"t have swimming pool. Please contact the khách sạn to learn more about additional facilities.

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