Hoi An Ke Da Nang Dengan Bis, Taksi Dari Vnd 169,004


Around 30km south from Danang, Hoi An is a quintessential must-visit destination when traveling khổng lồ the Centre part of Vietnam giới. There is not yet an airport or train station that services Hoi An Town, but don’t worry we have more to lớn suggest on how khổng lồ get from Danang to Hoi An for each person’s need that will save sầu you time and leave you stress-không tính phí.

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Danang to Hoi An by public bus

With only 18,000-30,000 VND/ticket/1 way purchased on spot, the public bus is the cheapest travel option khổng lồ get between Danang to Hoi An. Although it will take a bit longer, about 70-80 minutes lớn travel but it is the most popular method for adventurous guests who are seeking for an authentic experience.

Bus number 1 will commute you directly from Danang lớn Hoi An, starting from 5:30AM và ending at 6:00PM with a frequency of 1 bus every trăng tròn minutes. You can easily hop on one of those recognizable yellow buses at every stop in Danang:

You can use Google Map khổng lồ pinpoint the nearest bus stop cthua kém to lớn your stay.


A small tip for our readers: on the way khổng lồ Hoi An, the bus will pass by Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) – a group of 5 limestone hills that present Vietnamese’s belief and culture, you can stop by for a couple of hours khổng lồ pay a visit then continue khổng lồ hit the road on the next bus.

The bus Station is located 2km away from Hoi An ancient town, although there are plenty of taxies khổng lồ take you there or you can walk for another đôi mươi minutes.

Public taxi

It is considered that the public xe taxi is the easiest & most convenient way lớn travel from Danang lớn Hoi An. If you travel with family, especially with kids and elders, hail a xe taxi without prior arrangement is the best choice given that it could be a little pricey (around 350,000 - 450,000VND/1 round or 450,000 - 550,000VND/2 rounds).

A taxi from Danang Airport lớn Hoi An takes about 45-55 minutes. Just name the location and leave sầu it khổng lồ your driver to lớn take you just about anywhere. Comfortable seats, spacious luggage trunk and despite of weather conditions! Just make sure the driver use the meter to lớn avoid scams và choose a well-known xe taxi brand, preferably:

From Danang:

Taxi Mai Linh: 0236. Tien Sa: 0236. Song Han: 0236. VinaSun: 0236.

From Hoian:

Taxi Mai Linc Hoi An: 0235. Hoi An: 0235.3.919.919Taxi Faifo Hoi An: 0235.


There is also a newly-launched service that is a lot more cost-effective sầu if you travel alone: DiChungtaxi (a.k.a shared taxi) where you can mô tả a xe taxi with other people heading the same way & giới thiệu the fee. Grab Car is also favourable in Danang and Hoi An, they are like Uber & offering similar services. There’s probably a chance that your booking can be cancelled last minute but it helps you avoid being scammed since their pricing is fixed based on the package you select.

Travel from Hoi An to lớn Danang by Private car

Renting a private car is an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá option for family vacations or groups of friends. It’s fast, comfortable và you can stop anywhere on the way. With 30km length in distance, the cost for a private transfer can be cheaper than public taxies, around 2trăng tròn,000 VND for a 4-seat car from Danang to Hoi An or vice versa (Hoi An to Danang Airport).


You can choose a full package service including a driver if you are not familiar with the way or don’t want lớn tìm kiếm up the maps.

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There are 4 comtháng routes from Danang lớn Hoi An:

Route no.1: follow Truong Sa street khổng lồ Vo Nguyen Giap/Lac Long Quan và turn at Hoi An Town.Route no.2: follow Vo Chi Cong street lớn Vo Nguyen Giap/Lac Long Quan và turn at Hoi An Town.Route no.3: follow 1A Highway 27 km to lớn the south lớn Vinch Dien street, turn left khổng lồ Huynh Thuc Khang & enter Hoi An Town.Route no.4: follow Le Van Hien street and Danang – Hoian highway to Hoi An Town.

Danang to lớn Hoi An by Motorbike

Travelling from Danang to lớn Hoi An by motorxe đạp is cheap, flexible, adventurous và exciting. It’s the most popular khung of transportation in Vietphái mạnh. The road from Danang khổng lồ Hoian is wide, safe & takes only 45-50 minutes khổng lồ travel. Rental fee is about 80,000 – 100,000VND/vehicle/day.

If you choose this method, please be careful và make sure you have sầu experience with riding a motorxe đạp. Cheông chồng the motorxe đạp carefully whether it’s in good condition và pinpoint gas stations on the way before you hit the road.


Last but not least, we have sầu an exclusive offer for Private Airport / Railwaylimousine service andis available at VND 450,000nett/4seat car/way; VND550,000nett/7seat car/way; VND 650,000nett/16seat Van.

Now you have sầu all the necessary information for your trip, pachồng your things and let’s get it rolling!

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