Welcome to lớn the An Bang Beach Village Family Restaurant!

The idea to mở cửa this restaurant came from an ocean-side drink shack on the beach. People started asking my family và me khổng lồ make some food and they really liked it. It was just a few umbrellas on a patio with simple tables…


Vietnamese cuisine

All of the ingredients in our food are locally sourced. The seafood is caught fresh every day & the produce are farmed by our neighbors in An Bang Village. We cook traditional Vietnamese dishes and địa chỉ our own distinctive flair; every chiến thắng on the menu is made from scratch using recipes that have been in our family for generations.

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Indian food

Our Indian menu is cooked by my wife Phuong. She began her chef career in 1999 with a famous Indian restaurant in town. Phuong’s skill along with her knowledge & understanding brings traditional Indian tastes & delicious flavours khổng lồ your table.

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Cooking Class

Unique cooking classes designed for any dietary preference.

Flexible start points, depending on where you are staying, can be arranged at the time of booking. You will meet your guide & ride your bicycle or motorbike to the colorful market. At the market you will have the opportunity lớn meet the sellers, buy some of the ingredients for your meal & enjoy the genuine Vietnamese atmosphere.

Menu: here is the chef recommended menu. If you would like something other than the chef’s recommendation, just let us know. Obviously it depends on availability of the ingredients, but we always bởi our best to be flexible. Please feel không tính phí to read the đánh giá on our cooking class which you can find on our An Bang Beach Village restaurant on google & facebook. Banh Xeo roll Spring roll Mango salad Chicken with lemongrass Fish in banana leaf Squid in sweet và sour sauce Vietnamese curry Vietnamese noodle soup Beef in lot leaf

Jake Bratton

Awesome food, great quality for the price! 100% recommend, Mr Dong has been cooking for years and you can taste it in his food. ❤️


힘들게 찾아간 보람있게 신랑이 넘 맛있었데요. 가리비 2접시 시키고 4접시 추가했어요. 양념이 짜서 밥 비벼먹으니 맛있었고요. 아가들은 생선 튀김? 먹었어요. 원래 생선좋아하는 아가들이라 정말 잘 먹었어요. 모듬꼬치는 결국 다 못먹었어요.ㅎㅎ모두다 한국사람이었어요.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Mạnh Tuấn

Các món nạp năng lượng rất đậm đà, mỗi món nạp năng lượng đều bắt nguồn từ một mẩu chuyện rất thú vị, giá cả hợp lý, anh đầu phòng bếp thân thiện. Không gian hấp dẫn!

An Bang Beach Village

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