Best bars in nha trang you should not miss

Nha Trang’s nightlife may not be as extensive sầu as that of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minc City, but compared lớn other coastal cities of Vietphái mạnh, Nha Trang surely ranks high up on the danh sách. The menu of bars & clubs mentioned in this guide cater to both expats và locals, so choose one (or more) that suits your tastes and enjoy your nights spent in this beautiful thành phố.

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Starting off this danh sách is Nha Trang Sailing Club, somewhat akin khổng lồ a fancy yacht club in The States. Located down the Tran Phu beach strip, this is the ultimate party venue for anyone looking for a good time. The lively atmosphere is complemented by great tunes, an extensive drink các mục of imported wines, beers và spirits, và a delicious food thực đơn of both Western and local items. A legendary full moon party is held every month, aptly called Insomnia, where international DJs make an appearance and spin the latest electro house tunes until 2:00 a.m.

Located on the 45th floor of the Premier Havamãng cầu Nha Trang Hotel, this venue offers unparalleled panoramic views of the East Sea and its surrounding mountains. With three fully stocked bars, four sự kiện spaces, three DJ booths, a swimming pool, và a kitchen that serves up Pan-Asian cuisine, this spot makes for a great night out with friends, or a fancy lãng mạn date night with a significant other. There is an entry fee of VND$100,000 (US$4.40), but you get a miễn phí drink!

Located on the 28th floor of The Sheraton Nha Trang, Altitude Bar has an impressive interior with a large dance floor & an open terrace with beautiful views of the Nha Trang coastline. After a long day of exploring the city, let the mellow live sầu music help ease you inkhổng lồ the night. The terrace is a great place lớn sip on some cocktails while watching the hustle and bustle below.

A 10-minute walk from Nha Trang City Hall, ZIMA Club is the perfect place to dance the night away. The DJ lights up the dance floor with house & techno tunes after 9:00 p.m. Entry is miễn phí, và if you present a flyer at the door, you can get a không tính phí cocktail. Keep an eye out for ZIMA club promoters down Tran Phu Street – they’re not hard to lớn come by.

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The Rooftop Lounge is open 24 hours and features an awesome open-air terrace on the 5th floor of the Ha Van Hotel, that overlooks the Nha Trang beach. Daily happy hours are from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. và you can score awesome promotions such as getting 2 cocktails or mugs of beer for the price of one. Shisha is also available for VND$350,000 (US$15.41) which you can enjoy with some delicious food & live music.

Located on top of Liberty Central Hotel, this is the newest skybar lớn join the ever-growing rooftop bar list in Nha Trang. There will be lounge music during the evening from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., and afterwards the DJ cranks up the music. There is ladies’ night on Wednesdays, where ladies get free mojitos from 9:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Why Not Bar is one of the few nightlife spots in Nha Trang that stays open past 3:00 a.m. A mere two minutes away from Tran Phu Beach, this is everybody’s go-lớn place when other bars và clubs cthua thảm down for the night. Entrance is không lấy phí of charge, but if you visit the bar after 1:00 a.m., there will be a cover charge of VND$30,000 (US$1.32). You can spkết thúc the night dancing away on the massive sầu dance floor that can accommodate up lớn 200 people or take it easy on the lovely terrace or even jump into lớn the pool and carry on partying. xuất hiện 24 hours.

If you love your sports, head over here lớn catch any sporting event you may be missing due to your travels. A 10-minute walk away from Tran Phu Beach, Booze Cruise Sports Bar & Grill is everything a sports bar should be – loud, homey, with American-style burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, sports, và a lot of beer. Live performances are held every Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 p.m.

Louisiane Brewhouse is yet another bar located on the Tran Phu beachfront. This is the only bar in Nha Trang that produces its own beers using specialty malts from Australia and New Zeal&. A beer-tasting tray, which includes their signature brews including pilsner, dark lager, witbier, và a choice of red ale, special or crystal ale, will cost only VND$125,000 (US$5.50). To complement this, there menu contains a great selection of bar snacks & meals that range from Vietnamese & Japanese khổng lồ even Italian. Make sure lớn take your swyên ổn suit with you, there is a pool lớn cool off in later.
Crazy Kim’s is a simple pub run by the owner, Kyên ổn, who has a passion for protecting children. A part of the profits goes toward the “Hands Off The Children!” campaign, which serves lớn shelter kids from predators và prevent human trafficking. The bar has regular themed events và nights, complemented by shooters, cocktail buckets, cheap beer, tasty pub grub, &, of course, good tunes.

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