In Amaryllis, your dreams & passion are special.Thus, both our venues và services are carefully designed lớn craft you unforgettable experience.

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Peak of Lucidity

Dive sầu into lớn the state of tranquility, as you take a deep breath of fresh air and relax in our gazebo, surrounded by the serene expression of nature herself. Explore Venue


The Secret Garden

A mixture of calming yet robust wooden interior và refreshing green elements of nature, brings warmth & freshness together, assuring your moment will be cherished. Explore Venue

Multifunction Room

The Floating Hall

Designed with blackbox concept, it is highly adjustable lớn bring you the limitless possibilities for you khổng lồ craft your own sự kiện. Explore Venue

Amaryllis Lounge

Bridge to Pangrango

A touch of comfort and a spectrum of cultured taste, mixed in our stylish balcony lounge. Combining your cozy time with fresh air with access to the mini bar to complete the moment. Explore Venue


Prairie of Goddess

Field surrounded by the everlasting green & adorned by the perfect air, as they humbly invite you khổng lồ paint your own moment in your own style. Explore Venue

Glass Pavilion

Chapel of the Goddess

Adorn your grvà moment with aesthetic perfection, where tasteful decoration & perfect scenery come together in harmony. Explore Venue

Sky Dining

The Summit

Find yourself beneath the illumination of thous& stars and between the calming valley breeze that playfully slip around. The next màn chơi of luxury dining, refined. Explore Venue

The jewel of the mountain, along with its charm và warmth,

Because Your Best Moment Deserves Perfection






Luxurious Facilities

Indulge yourself in our world-class facilities, completing your stay with a touch of style.

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I find the khách sạn và resort's service are excellent for all guests. Good reskhổng lồ & good service. Wishing you great success in future. All the best.

I am impressed with the garden & the thiết kế of the villa. The location is also very nice, surrounded by beautiful mountains. The food served for all of us are very nice, the chef & all the staffs are great và friendly. Thanks.

It's an unique kind of khách sạn. I'm very impressed of the suite, big family room with 8 bed for families, landscape, glass house, flowers và mini botanical garden. Wow, great!

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