Lẩu Mắm

Lẩu Mắm
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Ingredients: flour hotpot sauce, catfish or catfish, beef, fresh squid, shrimp, bacon, lemon grass, chili, bun Ngai, galangal, spices and vegetables such as: looking gun , vegetables faint, bitter vegetables, vegetable prices coconut, shallots, sliced pineapple, eggplant, okra, herbs, basil, water mint, battered fish ….

Recipes: for 1 pot 220gr hotpot sauce powder in a pot and stew about 1.5 liters bones, stirring, boil and skimming, tasting spices to taste, finely chopped chilies and lemongrass give in, finally as fish, meat and squid on, wait and then shared with vermicelli cooked and the vegetables.

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